Debbie Highfill
Joshua, Texas 
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We breed and show quality Yellow Labrador Retrievers and occasssionally have puppies for sale  here in Texas.
I have been raising and training dogs all my life (I wont say how long :)  )
I bought my first Labrador in 2000 from a friend while living in Montana.
I only bought her for a pet at that time. However people kept asking if I ever bred her they wanted a puppy, she is a gorgeous dog and very very smart. 

I had owned several different breeds of dogs in my lifetime, but this was my firs Labrador and I was REALLY impressed. Every thing I taught her she learned unbelievably fast.
I was hooked.

This was Shelby and she is still the best dog I have ever owned.
Since then , I have spent hours (days really) on the internet researching, talking to other breeders and attending shows to learn more about the bloodlines and the breed.

In the past year I have purchased some outstanding Labradors, with bloodlines including Mandigo, Dickendall, Mtn Meadows, Beechcroft, Sandylands, Guidelines, Lobuffs, Ghoststones and Rocheby  ,just to name a few.

I breed for conformation, intelligence and  that wonderful Labrador personality.

I have my wonderful parents to thank for helping me to purchase some of the BEST dogs that I could find to lay out a foundation of breeding and showing QUALITY Labradors!
I was blessed with the best parents anyone could ever ask for and to them and God, I give all the credit.

I hope you enjoy my website and look forward to meeting new people and other Breeders of this GREAT breed!